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...a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, ...  Thomas Jefferson

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. John F. Kennedy


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  First Map of the State of Jefferson

HERE'S ONE for the book - the geography book. The new State of Jefferson has issued its Proclamation of Independence and will seek admission to the Union as the forty-ninth state. Jefferson is made up of rebellious northern California counties and one southern Oregon county. Yreka is the provisional capital of the secessionists. Lassen county brings into the new commonwealth the only active volcano in continental United States. The new state will have no sales tax and no income tax and no liquor tax, but will be financed through a small royalty on mining and timber developments. Strikes will be outlawed. Slot machines will be abolished as unfair competition to the stud poker industry of this "last frontier" area. The region is rich in timber, sugar pine, pine, oak, chrome, copper, manganese and gold. But until both Oregon and California consent to creation of the new state and Congress grants statehood, residents of the unhappy counties will continue to pay income, sales and liquor taxes, and perhaps, play the slot machine.



Reprinted from the Siskiyou Daily News - 1941




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